How Do I Listen to an Audiobook?

How Do I Listen to an Audiobook?

Once you've logged into your Authors Direct account, you'll see your Audiobook Library.  This is where your purchased and redeemed audiobooks will live. 

Tapping on the sideways triangle (known as the Play Button, circled in red below) next to the audiobook will start the audio. If it doesn't start right away, please allow the audiobook to load (and check that your internet connection is strong).

Tapping on the audiobook (outlined in blue) will take you to the audiobooks' details page. You'll find the book description as well as a button to download the audiobook for offline listening (the cloud button to the left of the Play button), and viewing the chapter list (the list button to the right of the Play button)
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    • Where can I buy an audiobook to listen to with Authors Direct?

      If you're in the US, Canada, or Australia, you can buy an audiobook from any participating author. We're excited to expand to more countries soon.  You can check out a list of participating authors here!
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    • Is the app free?

      Yes, Authors Direct may be downloaded for free from the iOS App Store, or the Google Play Store.
    • How do I create an account?

      Authors Direct automatically creates an account for you the first time you purchase an audiobook. Look for an email with a one-time-use password and instructions on downloading the Authors Direct app. You cannot create an account inside the app.