What Countries Does Authors Direct Support?

What Countries Does Authors Direct Support?

Authors Direct is currently available in the USA, EU, UK, Canada, and Australia.  

We do not have a timeline of availability for specific countries/territories at this time. 

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    • Does Authors Direct Support My Device/Phone/Computer?

      Authors Direct supports the following devices: - iOS App: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices running iOS 8+  - Android App: Android phones or tablets with access to the Google Play Store running Android 4.1+ - Web Player: Windows 7/10 & Mac OS ...
    • What is Authors Direct?

      Authors Direct is an app where you can listen to the audiobooks you've purchased directly from authors. So authors can focus on their fans while we focus on giving you the best listening experience. It's seamless: we create an account for you the ...
    • Does Authors Direct Support Audiobook Reviews?

      Authors Direct doesn't currently support audiobook reviews, but you can review the title on other platforms for customers to see and read, which helps support the author! Here are a few vendors that support reviews without having purchased the book ...
    • How to Redeem Authors Direct Giveaway Codes

      Redeeming an Authors Direct Giveaway Code Giveaway Codes can be redeemed at authors-direct.com/redeem.  Navigate to the Authors Direct Redemption page Enter the Giveaway Code into the CODE box Type in the email address that will redeem the code  ...
    • Where can I buy an audiobook to listen to with Authors Direct?

      If you're in the US, Canada, or Australia, you can buy an audiobook from any participating author. We're excited to expand to more countries soon.  You can check out a list of participating authors here!